WTF Wednesday at our Hawaii Tattoo Studio

Last week, we did Flashback Friday revisiting Asian Tattoos and Yakuza and taking a short peak into the crazy past that is Tattoo Adamʻs Journey as a Custom Tattoo Artist in Hawaii, all over the US and world in his travels.

Well today, we bring you WTF Wednesday with a song that has been making waves on the radio, presumably because of the WTF that is the music video, Gangnam Style by Psy.

Now, how cool of a portrait tattoo would it be to have that Dudeʻs mug in the opening shot with the sunglasses?!?!  If you come in and do the dance from this video, you might just qualify for one of our great Hawaii Tattoo Discounts.  Keep in mind our Waikiki tattoo shop is monitored 24/7 and youʻd be recorded!  Joke.

With that, we hope to see you for your free consultation in 434 Tattoo, our award-winning Honolulu custom tattooing studio.

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